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Ken Matuzek

My fiance’ and I just went through the house selling/buying process in Lake County, IL. I want to give some major props to people who really took care of us and helped make this all happen.

First and foremost we want to thank Lisa Wolf and her buying specialist Sue Dunnigan. I cannot say enough good things about these two. When we had difficulty with our original agent to sell Teresa’s house, Lisa stepped in to advise us on how to deal with the situation, without even getting a penny for the sale (but’s she’s really the one who helped make it happen). She and Sue then counselled us on our house purchase. After they talked to us, it was pretty funny, because I think they knew what we really wanted better than we did and they helped us select what is now our dream house.

Not only that, but Lisa and Sue also recommended to us our awesome real estate lawyer, as well as the HVAC guy and electrician that we needed to make Teresa’s house sellable.

I will tell you this, they are both (but Lisa especially) more like real estate consultants than agents. I learned more from Lisa in the first 90 min I met with her than I had learned in over 2 months with the other agent.

So, if you are in the market and looking to buy or sell a house, we unreservedly recommend these two. By the time we were done, they felt more like friends rather than agents.